What you need before building a new home


Before starting any new project, it’s always a good idea to start with a budget. This will not only help you organize your finances but will also help everyone involved in the project figure out their options for you. The budget is ultimately what will determine each aspect of your custom home.


Even if you don’t have an exact date in mind, developing a timeframe to get your home project completed will allow those involved to have a step-by-step plan and an idea of when to make appointments for permits, inspections and more.


Where are you planning on building your home? Oftentimes the location will also determine the style of your home and any additional features you may normally overlook.


You’ve got big ideas for your custom dream home, but without the architect’s design plans, you cannot begin building. Research reputable architects in the area in which you wish to build, as they would have a better knowledge of the land than someone who isn’t familiar with the community.


Choosing a builder is just as important as finding the right architect. Many builders and architects partner up when they work well together so communicate with both to be sure you’re on the same page. You want to choose a builder based on quality craftsmanship, how well they communicate and the level of care they provide.

Other team members: Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, etc.

More often than not, the “other” category of project members gets overlooked. Many people think they can handle decorating the interior or planting flowers on their own, but this part of the project is much more complicated and better left to the experts.

Building Process: Insurance, Permits, Payments, Inspections

Don’t forget about all of the necessary inspections and documents needed during the entire process of your build. Many builders will handle a portion of these things for you, like the permits (included in their cost) but be sure to communicate this ahead of time.