Scott Kennard will soon be receiving a National Green Building Certification from the National Association of Home Builders. The certification is the result of a home building program designed to educate builders on the techniques of green building and energy efficiency. Through every aspect of the green home building process, environmental considerations are made, specifically regarding design, construction, resources, maintenance, appliances, and many others. The overall goal of green home building techniques is to make the home more environmentally-friendly, ultimately yielding lower energy costs, less maintenance, and a higher quality home.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings currently account for 12% of U.S. water use, 30% of CO2 emissions, 65% of waste output, and 71% of electricity consumption. Homes constructed with green building techniques, however, are significantly more environmentally responsible and can generate a reduction of total energy costs by 30-60%, a decrease in operating costs by 8-9%, an increase in building value by 7.5%, and a 6.6% improvement in ROI. The use of geothermal systems for example, a popular green building technique used to heat and cool a home through a geothermal heat pump, is enough to lower heating costs by 30-70% and cooling costs by 20-50% compared to conventional systems.

There are several other innovations that can be applied to a home as part of the green building process. These innovations can be included in both the interior and exterior of the home and can range from tree preservation in landscaping to using energy efficient refrigerators and freezers. Although the initial costs associated with green building techniques are slightly elevated, the end result of having a green home ultimately outweighs these additional expenses, leaving the consumer with a healthier, more comfortable, and more durable home.

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Visit for more details on the NAHB's Green Home Certification Program.