How to implement our Core Values into your home projects

With the current times forcing people to be at home more often, many are utilizing this time to complete home improvement projects. Wentworth incorporates five core values into each project we work on to ensure quality, efficiency and accuracy. Everyone should incorporate these values into their own home projects, as consistency, communication, craftsmanship, collaboration and care are important aspects of the building process.

  1. Consistency

Consistency directly correlates to the level of quality craftsmanship for every project. As builders, we have routines and procedures we follow to ensure the consistency of our work. We are consistent with meetings, cleanliness and reliability. We are consistent with respect towards each other and the trade. Without consistency, we lose sight of our goals and our passion.

  1. Communication

It’s important to be on the same page with everyone involved with your project. Vocalize your intentions from the beginning and stick to the plan. If something sways off course, let everyone know so they can accommodate accordingly. Failure to communicate often leads to inconsistencies and deceleration of progress.

  1. Craftsmanship

We understand that time is of the essence. So is the clarity of quality craftsmanship. Wentworth has built a reputation based on the expectation of mastery of the trade. Our team of experts focuses on each detail as if it was their own home. We never cut corners in order to get a job done on time; in fact, we are thorough, precise, and we still finish most projects ahead of time. Using the correct tools for each task allows us to bring the full vision to life without sacrificing quality.

  1. Collaboration

We work with trade partners and our team to attain a balanced rhythm for each job to get the desired results for the client. This synchronicity is achieved by working together to help each other develop a better finished product than anticipated. We are all open-minded and thrive through honest communication with each other. Our goal is to continue to learn, grow, and become better builders with each project we complete.

  1. Care

We feel that almost everything falls into this important category. Every project we work on must be handled with the utmost care so the results are exactly what we’re aiming for every time. We pay attention to all the details and will triple-check our procedures to make sure we didn’t miss anything. The more you focus on the end-goal, the greater the passion. Put forth the effort you wish to return to you and everything will fall into place.