Five reasons northern Michigan is a great place to build your dream home

5. Seasons

Every season in northern Michigan brings something different to everyone. In the spring, the flowers and trees begin to bloom. Many people take up foraging for wild mushrooms, onions and asparagus. In the summer, there are many lakes and beaches to enjoy. In the fall, many people look forward to the leaves changing colors and take photos of the never-ending tree line. Winters are cold, but there are so many activities both indoor and outdoor to keep you busy such as snowshoeing through wine country or cross-country skiing on the TART Trail. Whether you enjoy sailing in the summer or ice skating in the winter, everyone can appreciate the beauty of northern Michigan any time of the year.

4. Culture

Northern Michigan is bursting with rich culture, and by living in the area one is able to learn more from a different, local perspective. There is so much history within the lakes alone such as historical shipwrecks, trade routes and more. There are also plenty of 19th century buildings scattered throughout the area. The variety of food offered is enough to keep the palate happy. You can order authentic tacos, fresh sushi and handmade pasta in almost every town in northern Michigan. The people are great too! There are plenty of festivals celebrating the different cultures of the northerners.

3. Things to do

Northern Michigan offers endless recreational activities, as well as some of the best restaurants, breweries, wineries and more. The summer is a great time for golfing at one of dozens of courses. Take up fly fishing, sailing, or SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard). Ride your bike, go for a hike or jog through the winding trails in the area. The winters are also a great time for sports! Downhill or cross-country skiing are both very popular in northern Michigan. Go ice skating, ice fishing, or snowmobiling. If you prefer to take it easy, snowshoeing is also an option and you can take them where ever your heart desires. There are also numerous festivals, farmers’ markets, and live music almost everywhere you go.

2. Landscape

Arguably the number one reason to move to northern Michigan, the gorgeous views of nature around every corner make the area a dream destination to build a forever home. The Great Lakes, Little Traverse Bay, rivers and “smaller” lakes are a treat to look at on a regular basis. The Tunnel of Trees, North Country Trail, rolling hills and sand dunes make the area a unique and sought-after location. Each season creates its own landscape, changing its trees, bodies of water, land and sky. You can stay in one place and experience something new with each sunrise and sunset.

1. Community

The people of northern Michigan are known for their hospitality and laid-back nature. They prioritize family, friends and neighbors. They are very warm and welcoming to everyone, and value hard work, kindness and relaxation. The northern Michigan community is a family of its own, with each member bringing something distinctive and advantageous to the group. There are numerous clubs, groups and religious groups to make every individual feel like they belong somewhere. Just like family, the northern Michiganders may not agree on everything, but they band together when they need each other the most, and that’s what makes northern Michigan one of the best places to live.