That is AWESOME. I'm so looking forward to coming home. I don't believe I have ever said that while on vacation. Thank you Dennis for everything.

Thank you Scott. The quality and workmanship are truly visible and appreciated more each day now that we’re living here. We feel like we are living a dream!

Wow, the book is awesome! Thanks so much for doing it for us. Everyone that we have over is amazed at what we’ve done. The word is definitely going around the lake and we always promote you guys. Thanks again for all you’ve done.

Congratulations on 40 Years in business. Being a GC in the best of the best market, that is one hell of an accomplishment. You should be proud of all you and your team has built over the 40 years. I’ve worked with a lot of talented people, you and your firm are one of the best I’ve seen. It’s a dying breed, I hope you can pass the torch one day to the next generation. I really enjoyed working with you. Amy and George love the house!

Scott and Crew-Thank you for the amazing flowers! Such a nice touch... they look and smell terrific! We are enjoying these first days in our new home. It is great fun to take in the vistas... and we continue to marvel at the attention to the details. You and your crew have done an amazing job! We look forward to spending many years in H.S.

This is a beautifully constructed house. It will add even more to my family's happy associations with Good Hart...

Holy cow, this looks amazing!!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on this place. Thank you so much - I'm crying...

We, of course, love our home and get constant remarks on the quality construction and beauty.

...we will be marking our first year in Good Hart and I can honestly say that it's still a thrill every time we pull into our driveway.

"Hi Scott, Yesterday Hope mentioned that we were totally spoiled by working with you and your team. We have some very, very good contractors that we work with here but I have to say your group is THE BEST we've ever worked with! SO, I just want to say THANK YOU, it was truly a pleasure working with you!"

You all have done an outstanding job. The house is not only beautiful, it flows so well and is so livable!! In fact, the whole house is exceeding our expectations and we are trilled. Thank you.

Scott: Over the holidays in Harbor Springs (which we love!), I received and put together my first wooden puzzle and the brand was Wentworth! I had fun doing it and there were some unusual shaped pieces. I thought of Wentworth often as I worked on the puzzle and about how fortunate we were to be able to have Wentworth build the wonderful house in which I was sitting. I can't believe we will be there 3 years this summer! The house has lived up to all of our expectations and then some! And we have used it a lot - every room in the house is used multiple times each year, and we are happy to have friends and family be able to share our dream home. In fact, our niece, Andrea, was engaged on our front porch in November and she will be getting married in HS in August with the reception at The Boathouse. I remember you mentioning at one time that you and your family did puzzles so I wanted to share a Wentworth puzzle with you. Hope that you enjoy putting it together! Thanks for making our dreams come true! Please feel free to stop by any time you are in our neighborhood!

"It is certainly our pride and joy and we have received so many compliments on the integrity of the structure and the craftsmanship. We are very happy to tell others that Wentworth's team did such a great job!"

This [gift] also represents the quality and craftsmanship that went into [our] project and we can't tell you how much respect we have for all of you and your talents. Please accept a big thank you from us for a really incredible work of art!

My son Trent, who is 29 and buying and rehabbing houses in Cincinnati has just arrived. He has been in Australia visiting his brother on his first vacation in years and this is why he has not been here yet. He has walked this house in and out. It was dark and he was still outside with a flashlight. And he is in awe. When we told him we were going to tear down and be in at the end of June, he was very concerned. He is young in the game, but he sees something incredible. Tomorrow, he will walk the house in and out, which is what I would imagine you also would do for your parents. But, he is not looking for something wrong, but learning from your craftsmanship.

Once again I thank you.

You and your crew should be proud of the home you've built, and we will not hesitate to praise your services to anyone who should inquire.