Gaining Knowledge & Understanding in 2023

Wentworth Builders is committed to excellence in everything we do and our investment in our employees and their education is no exception. Through our specialized training sessions in 2023 and beyond, our team is working to gain a deeper understanding of the vendors & custom products that make our fine homes extraordinary. Training of our employees is tailored to their specific roles within the company & the development of their skills and knowledge will allow them to excel in their roles and contribute to the success of what they do every single day.

Training Experiences:


Touring a truss manufacturing facility:

Our framers went on a tour of Letherer Truss, Inc. a local truss facility. This tour allowed our team to learn about the latest techniques and technologies in the industry—they were able to see firsthand how trusses are made, including the intricacies of the process. They can now apply their gained knowledge to the carpentry work they do in our custom homes, keeping in mind that they are working with materials made with the utmost care and precision.


Touring a millwork company:

In May our team visited Thomas & Milliken Millwork, Inc to see their process in action and get a feel for the nature of their work. These award-winning fabricators of custom exterior & interior doors and molding, stairs, and more serve clients throughout Michigan—including us. Our relationship with them begets exceptional products that enhance the timeless character of our homes and this training session gave us a deeper understanding of the care they put into their creations. As craftsmen ourselves, we appreciate and learn from the process of others.



We will continue our training and learning throughout the year & look forward to sharing these experiences with you.