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Wentworth Builders is a team of talented craftsman in the Harbor Springs area, dedicated to serving our clients with honesty, integrity, superior craftsmanship, and personal attention. We are always seeking fine craftsmen, laborers, carpenters and subcontractors. If you appreciate attention to detail and a positive work environment, we would like to hear from you!

We are currently seeking a project manager for our remodel division. Experience is required. Strong understanding of construction principles, ability to communicate with clients and trades, able to create reports and schedules. We have an onboarding and training process. Full time position with benefits and vehicle.


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Craftsman Levels

1. Apprentice
1.1. Safety: read and understand Wentworth Safety practices, use of P.P.E.
1.2. Core Values: memorize and understand Core Values
1.3. Skills: read and use tape measure, understand plumb, level, square, (P.L.S.), fastener use.
1.4. Tools: tool belt, hand tools, cordless drill
1.5. Vocabulary: materials, fasteners, understand basic Operation practices

2. Craftsman Level Two
2.1. Safety: participate in safety inspection
2.2. Core Values: proficient (+) in two Core Values
2.3. Skills: skill saw, proficient at P.L.S. training on miter saw and pneumatic tools
2.4. Tools: skill saw, Sawzall, level, expanded hand tools
2.5. Vocabulary: read and understand Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.)

3. Craftsman Level Three
3.1. Safety: lead and record safety inspections
3.2. Core Values: proficient (+) in three core values, no minuses (-)
3.3. Skills: wall framing, exterior finish install, interior base & case, proficient on miter saw
3.4. Tools: miter saw, sander, fine tool, pneumatic tools
3.5. Vocabulary: practice Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.)

4. Craftsman Level Four
4.1. Safety: read and understand safety and accident reports
4.2. Core Values: proficient and applying in (+) in four core values, no minuses (-)
4.3. Skills: proficient in framing, exterior finish, interior finish, cabinetry
4.4. Tools: understand and operate all personal and WBI shop tools
4.5. Vocabulary: proficient with Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.)

5. Site Supervisor
5.1. Safety: record safety and accident reports
5.2. Core Values: proficient and applying (+) in five core values
5.3. Skills: leadership in all phases of operations
5.4. Tools: maintain WBI shop tools
5.5. Vocabulary: develop, update and train Standard Operating Procedures