We understand that a builder's ability to connect with their clients is of utmost importance. Wentworth Builders is committed to providing our customers with exactly what they want — we accomplish this through communication, either in person, via phone, fax, e-mail, and through the use of digital photos, to let you know that your project is on track, with no surprises, and it will be the way you have always visualized it.

Wentworth Builders' open communication extends to the bid process as well. When a potential client asks for a quote, we provide them with all of the costs broken out in each category of the building process. The customer is included in every step of the way so that they can maintain control of their construction costs. During construction, our customers receive copies of all invoices on a monthly basis.

Why Build in Northwest Michigan?

With the abundance of natural beauty in our area, it’s no wonder that our clients choose to build here. From North Lake Charlevoix to Cross Village, and east to Mullet Lake, we have built our clients’ summer dream homes into reality. They are now enjoying lakefront living in an expertly crafted second, summer, or retirement home that was formed during a partnership with Wentworth Builders. Our process allows us to work closely with the homeowner to achieve the highest quality, artistry and careful attention to detail. Our craftsmanship, utmost professionalism and streamlined project organization is what makes Wentworth Builders unique in Northwest Michigan.

A collaborative effort should enhance, not constrain, the imagination. "If you open the door to creative thinking, people will show you what they want," Kennard says. "Show us your dreams and we will bring them to life."