Green Building

The Green Building Difference

Wentworth Builders provides our customers with some of the most environmentally-friendly home building methods available today. In 2009, we received a Certified Green Professional designation by the National Association of Home Builders. This certification recognizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals with knowledge of the best strategies for incorporating green building principles into homes.

In receiving the CGP certification, we have been able to improve upon our previous home building practices through our increased knowledge of green building principles and cost-effective methods of construction. This includes the use of energy efficient windows, appliances and recycled materials, along with tree preservation and improved insulation methods.

It is our belief that environmentally-friendly home building concepts are a fundamental part of residential construction in today's "going green" society. Building green for us means being logical, socially responsible, and proactive. For our customers, having a green home means lower energy costs, lower maintenance, better indoor air quality and overall increased home value.

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