Our Promise

Wentworth Builders guarantees the care, beauty, and superb functionality we put into every project we take on. Craftsmanship does not happen simply by using the best tools, the best materials, or through vast expenses. Craftsmanship is a philosophy; it's about doing things right the first time.

Whether we are constructing a complicated staircase, or maintaining a project schedule, we have the experience and ability our clients deserve. Our project managers, foremen, and craftsmen are committed to assisting our clients with every detail. To achieve a beautifully built home, each project depends on the organization and accomplishment of many stages. With our dedication to beautifully finished details and our emphasis on customer service, we work closely with our clients to conceive their goals and construct the homes they dream of.

Wentworth's Promise

  1. Honesty
    • Time and Material billing
    • Open book budget
    • Gant Chart scheduling
    • 'Say it-Do it' execution
  2. Integrity
    • Established Credibility within the community
    • Unwavering excellent financial responsibility
    • Employee Loyalty and lack of turnover
    • Subcontractor and Supplier long-term relationships
  3. Craftmanship
    • Design Education
    • Structural Background
    • Employees Empowered to execute best practices
    • Combined employee experience
  4. Communication
    • Open Lines establish client rapport
    • Identify Client Concern and Assurance
    • Organization of clients' notes and selections
    • Regular scheduled client and subcontractor site meetings
  5. Personal Attention
    • 'Ownership' of project
    • Empowerment of all workers to know clients' vision
    • Understanding 'Custom' = 'Personal Attention'
    • Ernest desire to produce the vision of the client
Scott: Over the holidays in Harbor Springs (which we love!), I received and put together my first wooden puzzle and the brand was Wentworth! I had fun doing it and there were some unusual shaped pieces. I thought of Wentworth often as I worked on the puzzle and about how fortunate we were to be able to have Wentworth build the wonderful house in which I was sitting. I can't believe we will be there 3 years this summer! The house has lived up to all of our expectations and then some! And we have used it a lot - every room in the house is used multiple times each year, and we are happy to have friends and family be able to share our dream home. In fact, our niece, Andrea, was engaged on our front porch in November and she will be getting married in HS in August with the reception at The Boathouse. I remember you mentioning at one time that you and your family did puzzles so I wanted to share a Wentworth puzzle with you. Hope that you enjoy putting it together! Thanks for making our dreams come true! Please feel free to stop by any time you are in our neighborhood!